Your donation will help our families in need during this pandemic  image

Your donation will help our families in need during this pandemic

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Make a difference: Donate to Vulnerable Communities in the Time of COVID-19

5.20.20 Update

Thank you all for your continued support and generosity! With your donations we have been able to provide over 1,000 pounds of food to our patients and community members receiving Covid-19 tests at our health center.

We have also provided over 50 families experiencing food/ or financial insecurity with financial assistance or grocery gift cards through referrals from MNHC nutritionists and behavioral health specialists.

Your donations truly make a difference in the lives of our patients. Karla, a 51 year old single mother of three, lives in an apartment provided for domestic abuse survivors such as herself. Her oldest daughter is 19 years old and has been out of work for two months due to the pandemic. Karla has multiple health conditions such as diabetes and chronic pain which make it difficult for her to seek employment opportunities.

Since Karla is at high risk for the complications of COVID-19, her most recent primary care provider appointment at MNHC was conducted over the phone. Karla expressed to her provider her worries and anxieties of not being able to afford food and pay her utilities bill. “No tengo para pagar la luz" which means, “I don’t have money to pay my light bill.” As a result of receiving donations like yours through the MNHC’s Network for Good campaign donations, her healthcare team was able to provide her a $100 Visa gift card to cover her $97 utilities bill. Karla cried tears of gratitude over the phone and thanked everyone involved. “Espero que un dia los puedo conocer en persona y dar gracias” – “I hope I can thank you all in person one day.”

Many of our patients and community members have been disproportionately impacted during this pandemic as a result of the disparities that already existed around work opportunities and not always having more immediate access to resources available. Watch this short news story below captured last night featuring the Mission community and our Chief Medical Officer, Jaime Ruiz.

4.24.20 Update

During the time of COVID-19, it has become more evident that certain communities are more vulnerable and at risk during this pandemic.

LatinX families have been hit harder than most. Here in the Mission, LatinX patients face a higher rate of being tested positive and they are the demographic group with the lowest level to access to health care.

Mission Neighborhood Health Center (MNHC) has continued to serve our community and bring services that go beyond primary healthcare. Take a mother of two, Maria*, who became a patient of ours after receiving no support from her provider after she tested positive. She has experienced COVID-19 symptoms that have lasted for over 3 weeks. She has remained at home in quarantine, doing what she was told to do but received no support for her small children. Feeling isolated as her resources ran scarce, her small children needed food, and more. MNHC responded by tapping into her clinical and case management team. We have provided her and her family food with the funds you donated through this campaign and other basic needs as well as support over the phone.

We know they deserve more. You know they deserve more.

Equally, MNHC Pharmacy has continued to serve patients including delivering medication – 90-day supply - for those patients who are identified as high-risk and more vulnerable.

All of this and more, MNHC is doing every day to respond to this crisis and those our community members who are disproportionately vulnerable but are not receiving the proportionate level of support and care.

We are here. Are you with us?


While the recent Shelter In Place order is requiring individuals to stay home, Mission Neighborhood Health Center’s mandate is to actively engage in the public health response to the COVID-19 by continuing to provide necessary medical services to our patients. Our patients represent low-income working class and immigrant communities and many are uninsured and depend on our services more than ever.

By continuing to care for our patients primary care needs, we are ensuring that our patients with all different types of medical needs are seen or attended by a health professional. This not only allows us to support our patients in a time of crises but also helps us decompress the public health system most notably San Francisco General Hospital Emergency Room and Urgent Care.

Therefore, we need YOUR help to buy supplies so we can continue to serve our community in this unprecedented time.

Your donation will help us continue to provide essential services during this pandemic and support our doctors, nurses and clinical staff.

***Several of our patients have experienced layoffs due the shelter in place ordinance. We will also use donations to provide food vouchers for patients experiencing food insecurity***

If you want to learn more about our mission please go to our website

Thank you an advance for your support!